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Established in October 1991 Print by Laser's core business has been built in providing quality, cost-effective solutions to the Public Sector. This long-term approach allows them to invest in state of the art production equipment and win significant contracts within the Public and Private sectors.

Print by Laser

Print by Laser had procured an industry leading off-the-shelf product to provide print management capabilities. The product contained all of the functionality that a printing firm required from estimation, production and reporting.

However the product was too restrictive in the business logic that Print by Laser were forced to follow and required a continuous license fee to be paid. The product could not be adapted to meet Print by Laser’s specific needs or requirements which restricted their ability to meet demand and expand their business.

Perfect Image worked with Print by Laser to define the functionality of the new system. This involved the creation of a backlog of user stories (system requirements) collated by theme. Each user story contained acceptance criteria to facilitate subsequent testing. Print by Laser then prioritised the backlog to ensure the technically complex and most valuable items of functionality were delivered first. The backlog was then split into two week sprints, with a demo held at the end of each sprint. This ensured that technical risk was mitigated early in the project and Print by Laser could review the most important areas of the system as soon as possible. Through adopting an agile approach, Print by Laser had full control over the functionality that would be delivered in the final product. By determining whether or not functionality should be built in the future, Print by Laser were able to control the project budget. Every two weeks Print by Laser were given a demo of the functionality that had been built over the previous sprint. Quite often, changes would be requested once the system was visualised and it was truly understood how parts of the system interacted. Through a request for change process, Print by Laser were able to expand the scope of the project. Once an enhancement was identified Print by Laser could include the change immediately rather than waiting until the end of the project when all effort has been expended. This is a much more flexible approach to change management and allows for user stories to be re-prioritised.

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