Bespoke software developed uniquely for you

Often package software doesn’t quite hit the spot, and it can be expensive when the initial cost of software licenses and implementation are coupled with ongoing support and annual ‘software enhancement’ costs.

There will inevitably be a mismatch between your requirements and the functionality provided; functionality you don’t use, and functionality you do use but which can’t be configured to match your needs precisely. It’s also difficult to gain a competitive advantage from systems that your rivals are using too. That’s why many companies choose to have systems developed uniquely for them. Perfect Image is a company with deep experience in developing business systems for mobile, web and Windows environments. We adopt a consultative approach working with you to scope the system, in non-technical language, designed to provide maximum business benefit. We then work with you using Agile delivery methods; allowing you to see functionality as it is developed over short iterations, and importantly enabling you to change the look-and-feel or functional detail as you go along. This results in much better software which is aligned to your business needs. We take great pride in our technical capability and in our attention to detail, creating highly intuitive software which does exactly what you want it to.

Mobile Development

Increasingly systems and apps need to be deployed fully or partially on mobile devices in order to maximise business impact. Our designers and developers can help you determine the best way forward, be it with native iOS for Apple iPhones or iPads, Android or Windows Mobile. Our Agile way of working results in great software, on time and on budget.

Responsive Web Development

Our expert designers and developers help you develop the best web presence for your company, whether it be through beautifully designed responsive websites which scale and present themselves properly irrespective of the device used, or through web apps which allow all devices to access specific functionality hosted on the web. Our team is expert in a range leading web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3.

Windows Development

Many businesses require the speed and flexibility that a Microsoft Windows application, residing on your device, can bring. Our developers have deep experience creating Windows applications using technologies such as .NET and Windows IOT which operate across a plethora of devices. We can work with you to decide if this is the best way forward for your business.

Systems Integration

Synchronisation between your systems is critical in ensuring that data and information is current and reliable, irrespective of how it is accessed. Perfect Image has significant experience in integrating new applications and legacy systems to create a seamless user experience. We haven’t been beaten yet.

Case Studies

  • Owen Pugh logo
  • Owen Pugh

    Perfect Image built Android and iOS apps for Owen Pugh's employees' on-the-job risk assessments and time-sheets.

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  • Akzo Nobel

    We built a Windows application that allowed Akzo Nobel to efficiently manage their Material Data Sheets.

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