Software that works as your business evolves

Traditionally, software delivery involved creating detailed systems requirements up-front and getting you to “sign them off” (often in blood) before development begins.  Several months later, if you are lucky, you receive software for testing. The problem is that it is really difficult setting out requirements for something you can only imagine, and trying to change anything substantial at the testing stage is likely to result in further cost – and potentially, conflict. The result is often the painful delivery of something which, in hindsight, is not precisely what you really want.
Agile delivery
Agile development is different.  Setting up-front a scope for the work is still necessary, but the detailed functionality evolves as the project progresses.  You get to see functionality as it is developed, typically every 2 weeks, and then get the opportunity to alter the detailed requirements or change the way the application works before it is too late.  You are an inherent part of the project team.  It involves a greater commitment from you, but it’s enjoyable, fulfilling and results in better software for your business. Many software companies profess to “do” agile, but more often than not it is a label hastily pasted over their old traditional methodology.  We are agile through and through.  We live and breathe it.

Case Study

  • Print by Laser

    We created Print by Laser's print management system using Agile methodology, allowing them to expand their business.

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