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The Owen Pugh Group is a privately owned group of companies involved in construction and related activities across the North East of England.

Owen Pugh

After consulting with Owen Pugh to understand their business drivers, Perfect Image proposed the development of a native iOS and Android application. This would remove the need for paper based time sheets and risk assessments, allow invoices to be generated far more efficiently and provide the business with real-time information from employees.

This application is used by employees to complete risk assessments, time-sheets and scan QR codes.  Scanning an asset QR code will navigate the user to a webpage which will show key information such as equipment inspection dates and employee certification requirements.Employees will be able to complete Risk Assessments in the app, providing Owen Pugh with greater control of work and promote a safety first culture.  The risk assessment also has built in workflow which controls when employees need to seek approval before work begins.
Risk Assessments are stored on the device and then synchronised back to the head office.  Via a web application they can be reviewed prior to work being started.  Risk Assessments and time-sheets can no longer be lost or become invalid because they are unreadable.Owen Pugh now have time-sheets available to invoice in minutes rather than weeks which allows for rapid billing and accurate financial reporting. As each member of staff has a unique log-in to the app, Owen Pugh can measure Risk Assessment engagement across the group.  A standard approach to safety can then be established. As the app also has a QR code scanner, each member of staff can quickly and easily view the latest information on a particular asset or the certifications of an employee.

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