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Akzo Nobel produce powders that are used in everything from architectural aluminium to automotive parts. Akzo Nobel powder coatings is a truly global workforce of around 4,000 employees across 30 plants over 5 continents.

Akzo Nobel

Previously Akzo Nobel utilised a third party application to produce Material Safety Data Sheets for the transportation of hazardous materials. In order to utilise this application, each laboratory had to manually produce a text file and adhere to a strict template.

Due to this manual process being susceptible to human error, the Material Safety Data Sheets were not able to be produced by the third party application because the input file was incorrectly formatted.

Perfect Image proposed a Windows application (WPF) to capture the required data to produce the Material Safety Data Sheets. The benefits of doing this were that the user input could be validated to ensure it was correct, and that only a list of “approved” ingredients could be used in the production of a powder. As data was now able to be validated, the Bill of Materials could only ever be 100%, this was colour coded to ensure the user was aware of how much material they were using. Users could also select which countries the material was being shipped to and the languages the Material Safety Data Sheets were to be produced in. The application design was optimised to allow users to focus on building the correct powder mixture. The user interface displayed validation rules in a non-intrusive way in real-time to allow errors to be corrected quickly. Due to Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings being a truly global company, the application would be rolled out across 30 manufacturing plants in 20 countries. In order to ensure an efficient global roll-out, Perfect Image utilised ClickOnce deployment technology.  Using ClickOnce, Perfect Image deployed the application to a centralised location to be installed by users. Each time the application was started, ClickOnce automatically kept users up to date with the latest version.

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